If you have a mosaic project you are considering, we would be happy to help you make it a reality. Look below for some examples of how we have brought previous projects to life.  Each mosaic is shown in full alongside a ‘zoomed-in’ view …

So much happens during wedding celebrations and many photographs are taken both by the official photographer and the many guests. This takes some careful planning, but is a great opportunity for creating mosaics capturing the many memories. 

In the digital age many of us collect very large quantities of family photos …. and we can add to the collection by scanning those we only have on paper.  A decade or two, or even whole lifetimes, can be captured in a mosaic, or as in this case a set of mosaics!

We have worked on company projects. Many companies have a wealth of people, products and/or history to celebrate. The example here also shows some advanced mosaic techniques with the ‘radial’ tiles around the curved segments at the top of the frame. The frame was made to specification in digitally machined MDF with a spray paint finish.

This mosaic is made entirely from old photographs, which were scanned either from paper or from negatives. This technique arranges the photographs as if in a pile. Favourite photos have been picked out and arranged as a border.

A milestone holiday with friends created the opportunity for this mosaic. Smaller tiles are used for the view through the arches with larger tiles used to frame the view. All the photographs were taken during the holiday. 

Many of us are involved in a special interest. The following mosaic was for someone whose special interest is horses. The main image is a collage with different horses from different times in her life.

…. and of course our pets are often the focus of our cameras.

If you have a mosaic project you would like to discuss with us see contact details  below