The digital age has allowed us all to collect and save many thousands of photographs – too many to easily enjoy. Painting with Pictures was borne out of a Christmas project to give exposure to a photo collection covering the lives of our four children. Mosaics uniquely combine a main image to be enjoyed at a few metres distance with a wealth of individual images to be enjoyed close to. In the Store you will find a collection of mosaics available for purchase based on a number of different themes. On the Custom Mosaics page you may find ideas about how we could help you with a more personalised Mosaic project.

All the mosaics in the store are available on 3 different print media, each of which supports high quality photographic printing. All have relatively low reflection surfaces … ideal for clear viewing at any angle and distance, including close to. Both the Foamex and Dibond media are rigid and can be displayed with or without a frame.

For each mosaic, you have a choice of 3 sizes which are shown in cms. Across the collection the area of mosaics vary from around 2000 sq cms to around 11000 sq cms. As a comparison, standard A2 size is 2500 sq cms, A1 5000 sq cms and A0 10000 sq cms.

Each mosaic purchased (with the exception of the circular mosaic) comes with a free mosaic animation. It is a one minute video first showing the tiles ‘flying in’ to assemble the mosaic, the completed mosaic then pauses for a few seconds and finally explodes with the tiles rushing towards the observer. See the sample below…